Future Leaders Programme

Future Leaders Programme

The Future Leaders Programme is an two-month course that will equip you with the skills, arguments and motivation to promote the pro-life vision in the public square.

It will impart skills that will encourage participants to become proactive, organised and to enhance their personal effectiveness as political activists and communicators in the cause of protecting life.

Course content will be delivered by Irish and international experts. The course will take place three times each year.

After completing this course, participants will:

  • Understand the legal and medical realities surrounding the protection of life in Ireland and the EU
  • Appreciate the challenges faced by parents with an unplanned pregnancy and be aware of the supports available to them
  • Be capable of developing logically sound and emotionally compelling arguments aimed at promoting the right to life
  • Be capable of using both traditional and social media to promote the pro-life message efficiently and effectively
  • Have experience of debating the pro-life issue in a television or radio studio
  • Understand the Irish and EU political systems and ways that individuals and groups can influence them
  • Have an enjoyable experience and create new friendships with those who share the same respect for the right to life


The next course starts soon for eight weeks, from 7pm – 9:30pm. There will be a combination of online and in person events. A day long studio programme in Dublin and a trip to Leinster House will be included.

If you wish to apply to attend the course please click the link below. Please encourage anyone you think suitable to apply! There are 15 sponsored places available for suitable participants. This is an exciting opportunity designed specifically for young people, aged 18-30, who are committed to the pro-life cause.

We are very grateful for the sponsorship of the two Future Leaders Programme courses during 2022 by the European Christian Political Movement.

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