Political Action

Political Action

Send ready-to-go message to your local TDs on the link between ‘DIY’ home abortions and coercive abortion

Review of the operation of the Act

Sign and send an instant submission to the Three Year Review

Three Year Review of the Abortion Law: End The Silence

If you’re registered to vote in Dublin Bay South, please use your vote to protect human life!

You can help by giving even just a couple of hours to canvassing in the constituency.


Send an instant message to RTÉ challenging media bias on abortion

Register your support for pain relief amendment to abortion law.

Please support humane proposals for pain relief and care for babies born alive

Add your voice to the calls for the immediate suspension of unsafe 'DIY' abortions in Ireland

#GE2020 – Sign up to Canvass for pro-life Candidates

Take a minute to send an instant message to your TDs and Senators today asking them to stand up for unborn children and their mothers and protect Ireland’s 8th Amendment.

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