Best Apps to Watch Free Movies Online on Android and Tablets
By: Date: December 2, 2020 Categories: Entertainment,Movies & TV Shows

Do you know that you can see from your Android phone and tablet all the free online movies you want? Here you will find the best Android applications to watch free movies online from anywhere, anytime, when you feel like it! though there are many online movies streaming sites to watch movies online like Netflix, Popcornflix, Hotstar, 123movies, Gomovies, vumo and many more but still apps are equally famous for watch movies online.

Your smartphone is capable of playing high quality HD movies. That is why we have worked on a selection of apps to enjoy cinema like you never imagined. All these applications are in our list of the top Android applications of 2020.

Applications To Watch Movies on Android Mobile and Tablets online Premium by Subscription

The applications that we place below are apps that require a monthly or annual subscription to enjoy movies and their price varies according to the version or pack contracted.


Netflix is one of our essential applications for Android. This app offers a streaming service to watch movies on mobile, as long as you have Internet access. Although it allows you to watch movies without an Internet connection, you need prior access to be able to download the movie on your Android mobile or tablet. To be able to access the Netflix service you have to contract any of their plans and these are: Basic € 7.99 (1 device), Standard € 10.99 (2 devices) and Premium € 13.99 (4 devices). It has a free trial month. Although here we have left you some tricks to watch Netflix for free or for just 2 euros a month.


HBO is another of the Android applications that appear in the menu of my smartphone and that is within the TOP of best Android applications, just like Netflix. Although HBO has a wide catalog of movies that you can watch online, streaming services to watch series is its main feature. Downloading the application is free but in order to enjoy its service you will have to pay € 7.99 per month and with the monthly payment you will have the possibility of making 2 simultaneous reproductions. It has a free trial month.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is another of the Android applications with which you are going to have access to movies to watch on your mobile. Somewhat worse than the previous two giants, it is still a good and powerful alternative, and it also has a fairly wide catalog to watch series. But what is the price you must pay to be able to enjoy this service? € 19.95 a year, much cheaper than the previous ones, although it is free for Amazon Prime users.

Movistar +

Movistar + or Movistar Plus, former Canal Plus or Yomvi, is an Android application well known to all of you to watch movies online from your monthly payment mobile. You can see the price list here. Although you are not only going to be able to watch movies online, this platform has a great service in which you are going to be able to watch all the series, football matches of any competition (including the Champions League), and other entertainment services that we can imagine . However, the good is paid and expensive and depending on what you want to see the price of the package goes up or down. Although there are alternatives to Movistar Plus to be able to watch movies online for free. Then we leave you the free download link for Google Play from Movistar +.

Disney Plus

Disney Plus or Disney + is a streaming platform where you can see all kinds of content from different companies: movies, series, documentaries, favorite television shows from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic.

For us it has become the best application to watch movies on the entire list and possibly the most consumed in the coming years. The price of Disney Plus is € 6.99 / month or € 69.99 / year and this gives you the right to see all the movies you want, you can even download them on your mobile and watch movies offline at the time that you you want.

Google Play Movies

Google Play Movies is an Android application where you can watch movies on your mobile. It has a huge catalog of movies with the latest film releases. As in Rakuten, you have the possibility to buy or rent the movies paying on Google Play and you do not need a monthly or annual subscription, you pay for what you see. You can watch movies on mobile or tablet, on televisions with Smart TV, or even on HD TV using a Chromecast. You can even download the movie to enjoy it offline.