Top 10 Free Android Antivirus For Your Android Mobile/Device
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What is the best free antivirus? Do you have an Android mobile and want to install a good free antivirus to have your smartphone protected? We have compiled a detailed list of those that, according to Plaitec experts and technicians, are the best of the moment and that will 100% protect your Android mobile.

There are many Hackers who try to infect mobile phones daily through fake WiFis or through typical malwares in order to get all your passwords and thus carry out criminal tasks such as identity theft, access your bank details and operations, crimes of scam or access all the things you have stored on your mobile phone and then blackmail you.

Currently it is important to have a good Android antivirus installed to deal with these threats and that is why we have prepared a list of the 10 best Free Android Antivirus, divided into 2 parts and which are on our list with the best Android applications: The first with the 9 free antivirus for android that are among the best in the Google Play market and, the last part, the one that we name which is the best Antivirus for Android according to Plaitec experts, technicians and users.

Best Free Android Antivirus for Your Mobile

You will find all the anti-viruses on the list for free on Google Play, we will leave the link for each one of them so that you can install them quickly and thus have your mobile protected from any attack.

Kaspersky Antivirus Mobile: PRO protection for malware

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus is an Antivirus for Android that you are going to download for free on Google Play and we have considered it to be one of the best. Kaspersky has the ability to protect mobiles from all types of attacks quickly, easily and free of charge.

Our technicians recommend it 100% since they compare it with the blocking used by iPhone and iOS devices to protect themselves against attacks by hackers. That is why we have included it in the list as one of the best Antivirus apps.

McAfee Mobile Security: Mobile Security

McAfee Mobile Security started out as just an antivirus for the computer but, seeing its great potential, they decided to take it to mobile phones and create an Android Antivirus with the advantage that it is free and that you will be able to download it on Google Play.

Just by installing McAfee on your mobile you will achieve great security and reliability and you will have one of the best anti malware on the Internet. For this reason, our Plaitec technicians and users have placed it as one of the best on the list of free Android Antivirus. The perfect option to consider if we want to protect ourselves against attacks from hackers.

Sophos Mobile Security

Sophos is another of the best free antivirus for Android. In addition to being one of the most powerful, it offers a great level of protection for your mobile phone and offers extra functions that no other antivirus will give you. You are going to find it free on Google Play.

With Sophos you will be able to test the entire smartphone to see if there is any malware hidden inside the mobile. In the case of having a dangerous infection on your phone, it will give you the tool to be able to eliminate it as soon as possible with the push of a button. Very easy! In addition, it has an anti-theft system by SMS and a parental control for minors.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free

Bitdefender is another of the free antivirus for Android phones that is usually in more terminals. The reason is simple: it is very easy to download and use and that is why millions of people have already downloaded this app from Google Play. Although this is not like the previous antivirus since it does not have extra functions, it is simply very good at protecting your phone and it will do very well. 100% safe!

One of the characteristics that makes it unique is that the Smartwatch can be integrated and that it takes up little space in your mobile, making it perfect for those phones with little capacity.

Avira Free Antivirus

Avira is one of the largest, and it is another very powerful free Antivirus for your mobiles. This is a good option since you can download it for free from Google Play.

It offers 100% security on your mobiles by blocking all kinds of malicious software. Another of the functions that you will find in Avira is that, in case of theft or loss of the mobile, you will be able to find the terminal wherever it is quickly. It also effectively protects your email, SMS and all personal data reliably and, best of all, for free. Another function it performs is extreme encryption to prevent strangers from entering your mobile phone. And finally, it is capable of optimizing the mobile battery. Why is this app so complete? We only bring you quality!

AVG AntiVirus Free

Very rare AVG AntiVirus FREE, a free antivirus for Android that is usually the first option for many users since it takes the top positions in searches and is one of the best known. But it also offers great technical support against spyware and malware. You will be able to download it free from Google Play.

In addition to being a good antivirus for Android, it acts as a phone locator, it is a good blocker of malicious applications and blockers of incoming calls. Although it is not the best on the list, it is an option to consider.

Eset Mobile Security: Mobile Security and Antivirus

Eset Mobile Security is another of the great Android antivirus that has remained on the verge of being the best. It started as an antivirus for PC and now they have made their mobile version that is perfect for protecting mobiles. You can download this free on Google Play, although it also has a paid version.

Eset is very easy to use and can block any malware you want because it has tabs in which you can mark which one you want to be protected from. A perfect option for the novice Android users, since you can mark all the malwares and you can rest assured that your mobile will never be hacked.

Norton Antivirus and Security

Norton Antivirus and Security is another Android Antivirus that will protect you from malware, spywares and phone theft thanks to its free GPS security. It has an automatic analysis function for applications, both those already installed and new ones. Download it free on Google Play.

In addition to checking the mobile ones, it tests everything you have installed on the SD card, fully protecting it from malicious viruses.

360 Security – Antivirus

360 Security is another of the most famous and most downloaded Android Antivirus from Google Play. Created by a Chinese multinational that has many years of experience in this sector. It has a very fast function that is capable of quickly detecting a virus, if something unexpected happens.

It allows you to divert and block the calls you want, including SMS from unknown or familiar numbers. This way you can avoid Adware and Phishing. An antivirus to consider from the list. You can download it for free on Google Play.

 Avast Free Mobile Security: Free Antivirus for Android

Avast Free Mobile Security is the best free Android antivirus, and has been crowned thanks to our technicians and Plaitec users. Gather everything that is asked of a good mobile antivirus. With this virus protector you are going to forget about the attacks of hackers with spyware or malware on your mobile. One of its main functions is to test the Android applications that you have installed, both on the card and the new ones that you download. In addition, it has a filter for calls and SMS and even allows blocking the GPS location.

Another function that makes it a perfect antivirus is that if someone steals your mobile, it will give you the possibility of knowing where the mobile is at all times, even if they turn it off. And, if you can’t find it, block it forever. Of course, it is a free application that you are going to be able to download on Google Play.

What are The Advantages of Having an Antivirus Installed For Your Android Mobile?

Just because an antivirus is free does not mean that its protection is minimal. Next we are going to tell you the advantages of free antivirus that you are going to find on Google Play. Of course, if you need more protection we advise you to go to the paid or PRO version of the ones on the list.

  • Protection against Pshising or theft of personal information.
  • Get rid of the famous Ransomware or that the hacker can keep the money from your bank account.
  • Avoid the famous Malware that cause your mobile to not work well or slow down.
  • Avoid the risk of exposing the passwords saved on your mobile.

What is a Mobile Phone Virus?

A virus is malicious software that is created by a professional or Internet Hacker in order to carry out cyber attacks to infect a mobile and thus be able to steal passwords, money, personal information or any data with which to extort the user of that mobile.

Types of Viruses on an Android mobile

Currently only 2 types of mobile viruses are known. We classify these according to the way they use to introduce the virus into our smartphone and are:

Worm for Android

These viruses are those that are installed inside a mobile via SMS. Be careful with this type of virus because you do not have to click on the link or interact with it. It gets infected automatically. The goal is to get more phone numbers sent and thus infect as many as possible. It may crash the operating system.

Trojan for Android

This type of virus usually appears on malicious web pages, in the form of completely harmless buttons that invite the user to click on it to download anything (music, movie, …) Clicking on it spreads throughout the operating system infecting the terminal and reaching, even, to be able to steal passwords, personal data, personal information.


So Friends those are the best antivirus for your smart phone. Harry up go and install the best one and save your phone from viruses. No more today we will come back with a new tricks still then stay visiting.