List of Best Free Android Music Players
By: Date: December 2, 2020 Categories: Entertainment,Music

What is the best music player for Android? We give you a list of the best music players for Android phones that are free, have no advertising and that you can find on Google Play.

All of us like to play our list with our favorite songs on the mobile and be able to play and listen to them whenever we want, for whatever reason, to motivate us, because we are sad, to concentrate or because we love listening to music. That is why we have left you the best Android applications to play free music on mobile.

Google Play Music, The Best Music Player For Android

Google Play Music is the best music player for Android and it is one of the best applications for Android. Google Play Music comes pre-installed on the vast majority of Android mobile phones. There are two versions of Google Play Music, a free version that comes with ads and which is a fairly basic version that allows you to store up to 50,000 songs to play when you want. This version organizes the songs automatically.

Google Play Music Free or Google Play Music Premium

The Google Play Music application is constantly reminding you that you have a premium version that costs € 9.99 a month, but is this version worth paying for?

With the free version of Google Play Music, in addition to what was previously mentioned, you have the possibility to create mixes according to your tastes and it has a pretty and intuitive interface. You can integrate “Cortana” or Google Assistant and it is compatible with Chromecast.

It also allows you to set an application shutdown timer and adjust the quality in streaming depending on whether you have the WiFi network or are using mobile data. It shows the album images when the mobile is locked and you can limit the streaming when you have WiFi so that it does not consume data.

The premium version removes the ads from the application and you can access 40 million songs, download the music to listen to it offline and you would have a subscription to YouTube Music Premium. However, we do not believe that you need to pay for this application since there are more better applications on the market than this paid version of Google Play Music, such as.

Download Google Play Music From Google Play

As we have said before, the Google Play Music application is installed by default on your terminal, so you do not have to re-download the application. If you see that you don’t have it you can download it for free from Google Play.

AIMP: Free Music Player

AIMP is the next free music player on the list and one of the best for Android. AIMP does not have an easy-to-use interface but its main advantage is its manual mode in which you can easily add songs to the library, order them or delete them. This Android app has a wide variety of audio formats and is compatible with the mp3 format and, in addition: WAV, AAC, OGG, UMX, APE, MPGA, MOD, MO3, MTM, XM, IT, S3M, MPC, WV, FLAC, M4A, OPUS, DSF, AAC, M4B, DFF and TTA.

In addition AIMP has a 10-band equalizer, a sleep timer as in the Google Play Music app and it is also possible to adjust the balance and speed of song playback. Another notable thing is that it includes widgets for the screen, both lock and home, and has Android Auto support. You can see the lyrics of the songs and the album covers.

How to Play Music with AIMP: How It Works

AIMP is an app that has many interface customization options such as the possibility of changing the hue or changing the colors. It will also allow you to add bookmarks and create smart playlists in folders, cross tracks or crossfade, define the play queue. Control playback from terminal notifications and turn volume up and down through headphones.

Phonograph Music Player

Phonograph Music Player is a simple Android music player that has a very nice interface. Navigation through this app is quite typical where you will find songs, artists, genres, and playlists. One of the advantages of Phonograph Music Player is that is integrated into the app that is used to download biogagaries and album covers. It also has many customization options for the Phonograph Music Player app.

How to play music with Phonograph Music Player: How it works

Phonograph Music Player has an automatic timer and has an editor with which you can easily change the labels of the songs: title, artist, name of the disc, this tool can be used in songs and entire discs. This Android app has a widget to use on the home screen and even on the lock screen. One of the negative things about Phonograph Music Player is that it does not have an equalizer, unlike previous apps, so you will not be able to adjust the sound.

Download Phonograph Music Player from Google Play

The Phonograph Music Player app is free and available on Google Play. Although it has a paid version for 3.59 euros, within it, in which you will have more options than the free version.

Shuttle Music Player

Shuttle Music Player is the next Android music player on the list and it has the most attractive interface of all, as well as being fast and light. The Shuttle Music Player app has various themes and tones, a fairly intuitive navigation for songs, artists, albums, genres.

How to play music with Shuttle Music Player: How it works

Shuttle Music Player has an integration to and thus be able to automatically download the covers. In addition as a tool it has a five-band equalizer with bass boost. With this app you can share songs with other users. It also comes with a support for embedded and online lyrics thanks to MusiXmatch, Scrobbling and customizable widgets.

Download Shuttle Music Player From Google Play

Shuttle Music Player is free and available on Google Play, although it has a paid version that has extra functions: such as customizing the interface, searching within the app by folders and Chromecast support, among many others.