Why do we say gendercide?

Because 126 million baby girls are missing according to the United Nations Population Fund, 2018.

126 million.  Let that sink in.  So many baby girls have disappeared through abortion, infanticide, or neglect and work needs to be done for political change to remedy this.

The mass destruction of girls has produced a systemic gender imbalance in whole populations for example; there are more unmarried young men in China than the entire population of young men in America.

The Stop Gendercide Now Campaign consists of a public awareness campaign and a petition to put pressure on the governments of countries with significant sex ratio imbalances:

To introduce measures to ensure that the killing, fatal neglect or abandonment of baby girls because they are girls is ended.

To carry out and publish an annual audit giving the sex ratio, the measures put in place to address it, and the progress or otherwise of these measures.

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There’s also a documentary on this particular issue at the following link:

According to the United Nations Population Fund this is a growing problem, even in some European countries though it primarily stays a problem in India and China.

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