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Action Alert

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This initiative has now closed.
Thanks to everyone who participated.

Ask Stephen Donnelly to end the ‘Abortion at Home’ regime to protect the lives and health of women and their children!

Already in 2020, two women have died in England from ‘DIY’ home abortions.
Without any public debate, an identical system permitting ‘home abortions’ was approved in Ireland by the then Minister for Health Simon Harris, in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis.
The new Minister for Health, Stephen Donnelly, has revised the line on ending the practice, saying only that the matter “will be reviewed” when the Covid-19 threat passes.
Of even greater alarm has been the Minister’s refusal to comment following the two tragic deaths in England.
‘DIY’ abortions typically involve women self-administering abortion pills at home without any face-to-face consultations with a doctor beforehand.
As shown by the two recent deaths in England, in addition to being perilous to the unborn baby, ‘DIY’ abortions also endanger the lives of women.
The Minister for Health has a duty to immediately suspend the practice, in the interests of public safety.
The time for Stephen Donnelly to act is now, before a dreadful tragedy like happened in England happens here.
Add your voice to the calls for the immediate suspension of unsafe ‘DIY’ abortions in Ireland. Send a message to your TDs and Senators now!

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