PLC Network

PLC Network

Who We Are

The PLC Network is an initiative which commenced in 2019 to engage and work with people all over Ireland who are interested in advocating for the right to life.

If you are a person who holds the view that the right to life is a basic human right, then you can make an impact when you are part of a national network with  like-minded people. 

We have multiple groups and organisations in Ireland who share ideals and may have different approaches to the solutions.  Instead of those differences keeping us apart, the PLC Network aims to channel them in cooperation with local activists.

The goal of the Network is not to  endorse every viewpoint of the pro-life community. Being part of it is a way of benefitting from a structure, a structure based on data driven actions, design principles and grassroots experience of the incredible volunteers all around Ireland that make up our national pro-life movement.

The aim is to empower our movement to make progress socially and politically.  This can happen when we are focused and involved.

Respect for individual groups autonomy is a fundamental design principle of the PLC Network and accordingly, there are three levels of association to the national Campaign that local groups can choose from.

Why be part of just one or two groups but instead work on the projects you care about across multiple blended groups as part of a project driven network.

Now what?

If you want to get to know more people in the pro-life community, be effective, share learnings and do even more in your local area to further the cause for life, why not get involved in PLC Network.

You can email us on to being that journey or simply register for our next PLC Network event here    

Thank you for your commitment to the pro-life cause!

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